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A beautiful TimeCha-ChaIII
A continental goodnight2-Step/QuickstepIII
A Day in ParadiseRhumbaIV+2
A Fool Such as I2-StepII
A little bitty Tear2-StepII
A little less talkJiveIV+2
A Lover's question2-StepII+1
A slow summer windSlow 2-StepIV
A song in the night2-StepII+1
A summer placeSlow 2-StepV+1
A Taste of the Wind2-StepII 2
A wonderful Time up there2-StepII
Ace in the HoleCha-Cha/2-StepIII
AdelineSlow 2-StepVI
Adios AmigoRhumbaIII+2
Ain't no Money2-StepII
Aint Cha Glad2-StepII+1
Aint she sweet2-StepII
All alone am ISlow 2-StepV+1
All his ChildrenWaltzIII+1
All I ask of youRhumbaIV
All I ever need is you2-StepIII
All my Ex's live in Texas2-StepII+1
All NightWaltzII
All shook up2-StepII
All the Fun2-StepII+1
Allright you winJiveVI
Almost BoleroBoleroIII+2
Alone in San Antone2-StepII+1
Always have, always willJive
Amor ChaCha-ChaV
An affair to rememberFoxV
And I love you soRhumbaV
Anniversary WaltzWaltzII
Another Woman RhumbaRhumbaIV+2
Another You2-StepII
Answer MeWaltzIII
Any dream will doFox/2-StepIV
Apron Strings2-StepII
Are you lonesome tonightWaltzV
Arizona WaltzWaltzII+2
Around the WorldWaltzII
Axel FCha-ChaIII+2
Baby likes to rock it2-StepII+1
Baby mine2-StepII
Baby's got a hold on me2-StepII+1
Babys blue jeansCha-ChaIII+1
Babys gone Two Steppin'2-StepII
Be bop a LuluJiveIV+2
Be my Baby2-Step/JiveIII+1
Be my baby tonight2-StepII
Beautiful NoiseCha-ChaIII
Beautiful RhumbaRhumbaIV+1
Beautiful SundayCha-ChaIV+1
Beautiful You2-StepII
Begin the beguine2-StepIII+1
Berkeley Square FoxtrotFoxIV
Better Man2-StepII+2
Bill Bailey Charleston2-StepII+1
Birth of the Blues2-StepII+1
Blowin like a banditCha-ChaIII
Blowin like a bandit22-StepIII
Blue Diamond2-StepII+1
Blue Heaven Whistler2-StepII
Blue Jeans ChaCha-ChaIV
Blue Side of lonesomeWaltzIII+2
Blueberry HillWest Coast SwingV
Blvds of old NY2-StepII
Boot Scootin' Boogie2-StepII+1+1
Boot Scootin' Boogie 2-Step2-StepII+1+1
Bop with me BabyJive/Fox/2-StepIV
Born to boogie2-StepII
Bossa Nova2-StepII
Bottle it upJiveIV+1
Brand new Man2-StepII+1
Breaking up JiveJiveIV
Bring me Sunshine2-StepII
Broken HeartsCha-ChaIII
BRs 2step2-StepII
But I do2-StepII+1
Button up your Overcoat & QSQuickstepIV+1
Buttons and Bows2-StepII+1
Bye Bye Baby Blues2-StepII
Cab Driver2-StepII
Calendar GirlJiveIV+2
Candy Kisses2-StepII
Candy man2-StepII+1
Carolina MoonWaltzIII+2
Carousel WaltzWaltzII+2
Castles and kindsWaltzV+1
Catch a falling Star
Catch a falling star 3FoxIV
Cha Cha CharlestonCha-ChaIII
Cha Cha FrenesiCha-ChaIV+1
Cha ChingCha-ChaIII+2+1
Chain ReactionJive/2-StepIV
Chaka ChakaCha-ChaIV+2+1
Change partnersFoxVI
Chattanooga choo chooFoxIII
Cheaters WaltzWaltzIII+2
Cheatin' on a Cheater2-StepII+1+1
Chicago BluesJive/2-StepIII
Circus TimeCha-Cha/JiveIV
City boy2-StepII
Corvette Song2-StepII
Could I have this DanceWaltzII
Cover Girl2-StepII+1
Coward of the County2-StepII+2
Cowboys dont cry2-StepII+2
Cowboys rides away2-StepII
Crazy little Thing called Love2-StepII
Cry to me2-StepII
Crying in the RainRhumbaIII+2
Daddy's little GirlWaltzIII+1
Dance little Bird2-StepII
Dance with the one2-StepII
Dancing at Washington SquareFox/Jive/2-StepIV+1
Dancing dreaming2-StepII
Dancing queenCha-ChaIV+1
Dancing Shadows2-StepII+1
Dancing with the Devil2-StepII
Day DreamingWaltzIII+1
Daydreams about night things2-StepII+1
Delta finesseJiveV
Devil in disguiseRhumbaIII
Devil Woman2-StepII
Diamond in the Dust2-Step/Cha-ChaIII+1
Distant DrumsFoxIV
Dixie Road2-StepII+1
Do Bee Dum Dum2-StepII+1+1
Do you love meJiveV+1
Do you wanna go to Heaven2-StepII+1
Doctor Time2-StepII
Does anybody 2-step2-StepII+2
Don't be cruel2-StepII
Don't mess around2-StepII+2
Don't rock the Jukebox
Don't turn your backJiveIV
Don't worry be happy2-StepII+2
Dont be cruel2-StepII
Dont forbid meFox/JiveIII+1
Dont rock the jukebox 22-StepII+2
Doolittle ChaCha-ChaIV+1
Down at the twist and shout2-StepII+2
Down Home2-StepII
Down Mexico WayCha-ChaV+2
Dream awhileWaltzIII
Dream on texas ladyWaltzII+1
Dream TangoTangoV+1+1
Drinking ChampagneFoxIII
Drip Drop2-StepII+1
Dukes rollFoxIII+1
Eighteen Wheels2-StepII+1
Either way is OK2-StepII
Esprite d TangoTangoIII
Estuvieras TuRhumbaIV+1
Everybody loves a Lover2-StepII+2
Everything's a Waltz2-Step/FoxIII
Everythings coming up rosesQuickstepV+2
Exept Monday2-StepII+1
Feliz Navidad2-StepII+2
Fever Two2-StepII+1
Fiddlestepper Polka2-StepII
Fields of goldRhumbaV+1
Fire in the Sky2-Step/JiveIII
Fireman 2-step2-StepII+1
Fishin' in the Dark2-StepII+1
Five foot two2-StepII+1
Fly me to the Moon2-StepII+1
Folsom Prison BluesCha-ChaIII+1
Fool hearted Memory2-StepIII
Foolish heartWaltzIV
Fools fall in love2-StepII
For you are beautifulFoxIV+1
Four WallsWaltzII
Foxtrot TonightFoxV
Frenchy Brown2-StepII
From a Jack to a KingJiveIII+2
From Sarah with Love
Funny FaceWaltzII+1
Gazpacho ChaCha-ChaIV
Ginny Come BoleroBoleroIII
Glory of love2-StepII+1
Golden Memories2-Step/Cha-ChaII+1
Golf of MexicoRhumba
Gonna walk that line2-StepII
Good Luck Charm2-StepII
Green Door2-Step/JiveIII
Gypsy FeetSambaIV
Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves2-StepII
Hand over your heartCha-ChaIV+1
Happy sambaSambaIV
Happy TrumpeterCha-ChaIII
Have you never been mellow2-StepII
Heading for a FallCha-ChaIV+2
Heaven's just a sin away2-StepII
Heavens just a sin2-StepII
Hello Mary LouCha-ChaIV+1
Hello MexicoRhumbaIII
Here comes Summer2-StepII
Hey Baby2-StepII
Hey DaddyCha-ChaIV
Hey good looking2-StepII+1+1
High on a mountainJiveVI
Hillbilly Blues2-StepII
Hitch hike2-StepIII+2
Hole in my pocket2-StepII+1
Holly Holy2-Step/Cha-ChaIII
Home so fine2-StepII
Honey muffins2-StepII
Hooked on swingMixedIV
Hot hot hotCha-Cha
Hot Lips2-StepII
Hot StuffCha-ChaIV
Hotter than a Pepper Sprout2-StepII+2
How I love them old Songs
Hustle around2-StepII/V
I ain't neverJive
I believe in you2-StepII+1
I can helpJiveIV
I can see clearly nowCha-ChaIII
I can't take my Eyes off of youCha-ChaIV+2
I don't care2-StepII
I dont care2-StepII
I feel fine2-StepII
I feel luckyJiveIV+2
I fell in the water2-StepII+1
I gotta jiveJive/FoxIV
I had to be you2-StepII+1
I hear Kentucky2-StepII
I keep putting off over you2-StepII
I Love a Rainy Night II2-StepII
I Love Beach MusicJive/West Coast SwingV
I meant every WordWaltzIII+1
I see it nowWaltzII
I wanna dance with you2-Step/Single SwingIII+1
I wanna dance with you 22-StepII
I wanta QuickstepQuickstepIII+1
I'd just love to lay you down2-StepII+1
I'd like to teach the world ...2-StepII
I'll be the OneCha-ChaIII
I'll be your Baby tonight2-StepII+1
I'll make your bed2-StepII
I'm in a dancing moodQuickstepVI
I'm in a hurry2-Step/Cha-ChaIV+2
I'm so lonesomeWaltzII
IfSlow 2-StepIV+1
If I could write a bookFoxVI
If the Devil danced2-StepII+1
If you want to find loveCha-ChaIII
If your heart aint busy tonight2-StepII
In Dreams2-Step/RhumbaIV+1
In old New York2-StepII+1
In the gloamin2-StepII
In timeFoxVI
Indiana beach 2step2-StepII+1
Irish Medley2-Step/Cha-ChaIII
Is it over yet2-StepII+1
Is you is my baby2-StepII+2
Is you is my baby 22-StepII+1
Isle of CapriCha-ChaIV
Isle of Capri 2Cha-ChaIV
It must be LoveCha-ChaIII
It must be trueFoxIV
It's a lovely lovely World2-StepII+1
It's four in the MorningWaltzIII+1
It's in his kissCha-ChaIV+2
It's still Rock and Roll to me2-StepII
It's time to dance2-StepII+1
Its Cha Cha ChaCha-ChaVI
Its heavenWaltzIII+1
Its so easy ChaCha-ChaIII+2
Itsy Bitsy ChaCha-ChaIII+1
Jacalyns WaltzWaltzII
Jack is back
Jambo MamboMamboIV
Japanese soft shoes2-StepII
Jingle Bell Rock2-StepII+1
Just a TangoTangoV
Just another woman in loveRhumbaVI
Just as I amWaltzII
Just Lovin' You2-StepII+2
Kentucky steppin2-StepII
Key LargoRhumbaIII+2
Killing Time2-StepII+1
King of the roadFox/JiveIII+1
Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'2-StepII
Kiss in the darkWaltzIV+1
Kiss me goodbyeRhumbaVI
Kiss me once again2-StepII+1
Kiss me quick2-Step/Cha-ChaIII+1
Kon Tiki2-StepII+1
La Isla BonitaSambaIV+2
Lasso the Moon2-StepII+1
Last Cheaters WaltzWaltz
Last ChristmasCha-Cha
Lasting LoveFoxIII+1
Lay down Salley ChaCha-ChaIII
Lead me notWaltzIII+1
Lean baby2-Step/FoxIV
Lemon Tree2-StepII
Leroy swingJiveV+2
Let go2-StepII
Let me be there2-StepII
Let me show you howJiveIV+2
Let your Love flowCha-ChaIII
Lets twist again2-StepII
Liebestraum No. 3WaltzV+1
Lipstick TracesCha-Cha/JiveIV+1
Listen to the MusicCha-Cha/FoxIV+2
Little Deuce CoupeJiveIII+1
Little Devil2-StepII
Little Saint Nick2-StepII
Little white Moon2-StepII
London by nightWaltzVI
Lone Star Loving Night2-StepII
Lousiana Saturday Night2-StepII
Love changes everything
Love helps those2-StepII+1
Love is a precious Thing2-StepII+1
Love Letters in the SandMixedIV+1
Love potion No 9Cha-ChaV+1
Love story RhumbaRhumbaVI
Loving you2-StepII
Macarena Cha
Mack the Knife
Mambo espressoMamboIV+2
Maple Leaf Rag2-StepII
Maria Elena WaltzWaltzV+2
Martha Ellen Jenkins2-StepII
Merry go roundCha-ChaIV+1
Mexicali RoseWaltzII
Midnight in Moscow2-StepII+2
Miss Peabody BrownQuickstepIII+2
Missoury BreaksWaltz/2-StepIV+1
Mo Jive
Moments of MagicCha-ChaIII
Monday, MondayCha-ChaIII+2
Moody Blue2-StepII
Moon Eyes2-StepII
Moon over NaplesFox/2-StepIII
Moonlight ShadowCha-ChaIII
Mountain of LoveJiveIV+
Moving southRhumbaV+2
Mr. Sandman2-StepII+1
Much too young2-StepII+1
Music Box Dancer2-StepII
Music Music Music2-StepII+2
My baby 2step2-StepII
My Baby loves lovin'Cha-ChaIV
My blue heaven2-StepII+1
My Claire de LuneRhumbaIV
My Country Gal2-StepII
My Cup runneth over with LoveWaltzIV
My GirlCha-ChaIII+2
My heart cries for youWaltzII
My Heart is an open Book2-StepII+1
My Love2-StepIII
My love forgive meBoleroV+1
My next broken Heart2-StepII+2
My shy VioletFoxIII
My song2-StepII
Mystic SambaSambaIV+1
New Orleans ChaCha-ChaIII+1
New York2-StepII+1
Night TrainJiveIV
No Matter how highCha-ChaIII
Nobody's AngelRhumbaIV+2
Nobody's perfectFoxIII+2
Non DimenticarRhumbaIII+1
Nothing could be finer2-StepII
Now and then2-StepII+1
Now or NeverRhumbaIII
Numero Cinco2-StepII
Ob-La-Di, ObLaDa
Oceans of love2-StepIII+2
Oh Carol2-StepII
Oh lonesome me2-Step/JiveIII+2
Oh me, oh my sweet Baby2-StepII
Oh you kid2-StepII
Old fashioned love2-StepII
Old vienna2-StepII
Older Women2-Step/Cha-ChaIII
On and onRhumbaIV
On the Road again2-StepII
On Top of the World2-Step/Cha-ChaII
One has my name2-StepII
One Mint JulepWest Coast SwingVI
One more last TimeWaltzII+2
One Step forward2-StepII
Open ArmsWaltzIII
Orient Express FoxFoxV
Orient Express FoxtrotFoxV
PA 650002-Step/FoxV
Papa loves Mambo2-StepII+1
Part Time Lovers2-StepII
Pearly Shells2-StepII
Peek a boo2-StepII
Penny Arcade2-StepII
Perfect harmony2-StepII
Piano roll blues2-StepII
Piano roll WaltzWaltzII
Picardy foxtrotFoxVI
Pick a bale of Cotton
Pink cadillacJiveV
Pink Shoelaces2-StepII
Pistol packin mama2-StepII
Please don't talk about me2-StepII+1
Polka dots2-StepI+2
Poor little Fool2-StepII+1
Pop goes the Movies2-Step/Fox/RhumbaIV
Portrait of my loveCha-ChaV+2
Pretty blue EyesRhumba/2-StepIV+1
Pretty Paper WaltzWaltzII+2
Primrose Lane2-Step/JiveIII+2
Put a Light in the Window2-Step/Cha-ChaIII+1
Que sera sera2-StepIII+2
Quick and easyQuickstepIII
Rachel's SongSlow 2-StepIV+1
Rachels songSlow 2-StepIV+1
Rainbow ConnectionsWaltzIV
Rainbow foxtrotFox/JiveIV+2
Rainbows & ButterfliesWaltzIII
Red CarnationsWaltzII+2
Red Rio Grande RhumbaRhumbaIV
Red Roses for a blue Lady
Reet PetiteJiveV+
Return to me2-StepII+1
Rhumba Pete2-StepII
Rhythm of the NightCha-ChaIV
Riding my thumb to Mexico2-StepII+0+1
Rio de Luna WaltzWaltzIII+1
Rita Ballou2-StepIII
River of TearsWaltzII
River Two-Step2-StepII
Rock & Roll WaltzWaltzII+1
Rockin 2step2-StepII
Rockin Robin2-StepII+2
Rockin with the Rhythm of the Rain2-StepII+2
Rockin' around the Chrismas Tree2-StepII
Rockin' RobinJiveV
Rose GardenCha-ChaIII+1
Round and Round2-StepIII
Rub it in ChaCha-ChaIII+1U
Ruby Ann2-StepII
Run for the rosesWaltzIV
Runaround SueJiveVI
Sail away2-StepII+1
Salty Dog Rag2-StepII
San Antonio Rose2-StepII
Santo Catalina JiveJiveIII
Sassy Too2-StepII
Satin Doll2-StepII
Satisfy You2-StepII+2
Sea Cruise2-StepII
Sea of HeartbreakCha-ChaIII+1
Seein' my Father in me2-StepII+2
September FoxtrotFoxIV+1
September moonFox/JiveIV+1
Serenade 4 U
Sex Bomb
Shadow of my mindRhumbaVI
Shadow of your Smile2-StepII
Shadows in the MoonlightCha-ChaIV+1
Shake me I rattleWaltzIII+2
She's a little past fourty2-StepII
She's my kindFoxIII
Shes a little past 402-StepII
Shes not youFoxIV+1
Shimmy ChaCha-ChaIV
Shimmy Cha 2Cha-ChaIII+2
Should I do it
Shutters & BoardsWaltzII
Side by side2-StepII
Sixteen Tons2-StepII+1
Sleeping beautyBoleroV
Sleepy Time Gal2-StepII
So good in LoveWaltzII
Somebody else's MoonWaltzIV+1
Somebody elses moonWaltzIV+1
Someday SoonRhumbaIII+2
Someone must feel like a foolWaltzII+2
Somethin stupidCha-ChaIII
Something special2-StepII+1
Sometimes I cry in my SleepWaltzIV
Soul LimboCha-ChaIV
Sowin' Love2-StepII+1
Spagetti Rag2-StepIII
Spanish gypsyPaso-DobleIV
Spoil the PartyCha-Cha/2-StepIII
St. Louis Blues2-StepII
Stand by your Man2-StepII
Standing on the cornerFoxV
Stay Young2-StepII+1
Steppin Easy1-StepI+1
Strait and narrow2-StepII+1
Strait ChampagneFox/JiveV
Stranger on the shoreFoxIV
Strangers in the nightRhumbaIII
Strangers in the night 22-StepIII
Strawberry ShagQuickstepIII+1
Street Fair2-Step/1-StepII
Strollin' with NolaWest Coast Swing/JiveIII+2
Stuck on you2-StepII
Stuck on you 22-StepII
Sugar Daddy2-StepII+1
Sugar Sugar
Summer RainRhumba/Jive
Summer wind2-StepII
Summer Wine2-StepII+1
Summertime Blues
Sunrise SunsetWaltzII+2
Sunshine RhumbaRhumbaIII+1
Sway 4 meCha-ChaIV
Swearing in the nightCha-ChaIV+1
Sweet Caroline2-StepII
Sweet Naomi2-StepII
Sweet Sweet Smile2-Step/Cha-ChaII+2
Sweetheart TreeWaltzII
Take it backJiveIV
Take my breath away2-StepIII+2
Take one step 802-StepII
Takin' it easyCha-Cha/2-StepIII
Talk back back trembling Lips2-StepII
Talking to the wrong Man2-Step/Cha-ChaIII
Tammy's WaltzWaltzII
Tango MannitaTangoIII
Technicolor Dreams
Teenage Queen2-StepII+2+1
Tell me about it2-StepII
Tempa JiveJiveV+2
Ten Pretty Girls2-StepII
Texas Polka2-StepII+0+1
Texas Stars WaltzWaltzII
Texas Tattoo2-StepIII
Thank God for Kids2-StepII
That Happy Feeling2-Step/SambaIII
Thatll be the dayJiveIII+2
The BardV+2+1
The Bell that couldn't jingle2-StepII
The bug2-StepII
The childrenWaltzV
The Foxtrot WayFoxV
The glowworm2-StepII+1
The great Snowman2-StepII+1
The lady is a trampQuickstepV+1
The last FarewellCha-ChaIV
The last WaltzWaltzII
The marvellous toy2-StepII+2
The Mountains of MourneWaltzIV+1
The old houseWaltzV
The one you loveWaltzIII
The Party's over2-StepII+1
The Poet and IWaltzII
The spinning wheelWaltzIV
The Twist2-StepII+0+1
The Way to your Heart2-StepII
These Boots r made 4 walkin'2-StepIII
Those lazy hazy crazy DaysQuickstep
Three penny QSQuickstepIV+2
Tie a yellow Ribbon2-StepII+1
Til I kissed You2-StepII+1+1
Time Machine WaltzWaltzII
Time wasBolero/RhumbaVI
Tips of my FingersWaltzII
Too many Chiefs2-StepII
Travelling man 22-StepII
Travelling mMan2-StepII
Trickle TrickleQuickstepIV
True loveWaltzII+1
Truth about LoveJiveV
Turn the radio on
Tweedle dee 2step2-StepII+1
Twilight time2-StepII
Unknown Stuntman2-StepII+1
Vaya con diosWaltzII
Very smooth2-StepII+1
Walk right back2-StepII+1
Walker JiveJiveIII+2
Walkin my baby back homeFox/JiveIV
Walking & Whistling2-StepII
Walking Shoes2-StepII+1
Waltz with meWaltzII
Waltzing to SeattleWaltzII
Watch out for JackCha-ChaIII+1
Watch over me foxtrotFoxIV+1
Water under the bridge2-StepII
Weapon of PrayerWaltzIII+1
What a day for a daydreamFox/JiveIV
What I'll know then2-StepII
What will be will beWaltzIV+1
Wheels ChaCha-ChaIII+1
When I take my Sugar to Tea2-StepII
When will IWaltzV+2
Where is your heartWaltzV
Which bridge to crossWaltzII
White Sport CoatFoxIV+1
Who put the bomb2-StepII+1
Why heavent I heared from youJiveV
Wild Turkey2-StepII+2
Winter Wonderland2-StepII
Wish me a RainbowWaltzII+2
Witchy WomanCha-ChaIV+1
With or without youWaltzI+2
With YouBolero
Without Ruth2-StepII+1
Woke up im Love2-StepII+1
Woke up in love 22-StepII+1
Woodchoppers BallSingle Swing/QuickstepIII+1
Wouldnt you know2-StepIII+1
Wrap your troubles in dreamsCha-ChaIV+1+1
Write a LetterFox/2-StepIII+2
Yellow birdRhumbaV+1
Yesterdays songCha-ChaIV
Yo MamaJiveIV
You belong to me2-StepII+1
You can't take it with you2-StepII+2
You cant have it allWaltzII+1
You look so good in loveWaltzII+1
You never know2-StepII
You'll never know2-StepII+1
You're the top cha chaCha-ChaV+2
Youll never findCha-ChaIV

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