Index of phase IV

A Day in ParadiseRhumbaIV+2
A little less talkJiveIV+2
A slow summer windSlow 2-StepIV
All I ask of youRhumbaIV
Another Woman RhumbaRhumbaIV+2
Any dream will doFox/2-StepIV
Be bop a LuluJiveIV+2
Beautiful RhumbaRhumbaIV+1
Beautiful SundayCha-ChaIV+1
Berkeley Square FoxtrotFoxIV
Blue Jeans ChaCha-ChaIV
Bop with me BabyJive/Fox/2-StepIV
Bottle it upJiveIV+1
Breaking up JiveJiveIV
Button up your Overcoat & QSQuickstepIV+1
Calendar GirlJiveIV+2
Catch a falling star 3FoxIV
Cha Cha FrenesiCha-ChaIV+1
Chain ReactionJive/2-StepIV
Chaka ChakaCha-ChaIV+2+1
Circus TimeCha-Cha/JiveIV
Dancing at Washington SquareFox/Jive/2-StepIV+1
Dancing queenCha-ChaIV+1
Distant DrumsFoxIV
Don't turn your backJiveIV
Doolittle ChaCha-ChaIV+1
Estuvieras TuRhumbaIV+1
Foolish heartWaltzIV
For you are beautifulFoxIV+1
Gazpacho ChaCha-ChaIV
Gypsy FeetSambaIV
Hand over your heartCha-ChaIV+1
Happy sambaSambaIV
Heading for a FallCha-ChaIV+2
Hello Mary LouCha-ChaIV+1
Hey DaddyCha-ChaIV
Hooked on swingMixedIV
Hot StuffCha-ChaIV
I can helpJiveIV
I can't take my Eyes off of youCha-ChaIV+2
I feel luckyJiveIV+2
I gotta jiveJive/FoxIV
I'm in a hurry2-Step/Cha-ChaIV+2
IfSlow 2-StepIV+1
In Dreams2-Step/RhumbaIV+1
Isle of CapriCha-ChaIV
Isle of Capri 2Cha-ChaIV
It must be trueFoxIV
It's in his kissCha-ChaIV+2
Jambo MamboMamboIV
Kiss in the darkWaltzIV+1
La Isla BonitaSambaIV+2
Lean baby2-Step/FoxIV
Let me show you howJiveIV+2
Lipstick TracesCha-Cha/JiveIV+1
Listen to the MusicCha-Cha/FoxIV+2
Love Letters in the SandMixedIV+1
Mambo espressoMamboIV+2
Merry go roundCha-ChaIV+1
Missoury BreaksWaltz/2-StepIV+1
Mountain of LoveJiveIV+
My Baby loves lovin'Cha-ChaIV
My Claire de LuneRhumbaIV
My Cup runneth over with LoveWaltzIV
Mystic SambaSambaIV+1
Night TrainJiveIV
Nobody's AngelRhumbaIV+2
On and onRhumbaIV
Pop goes the Movies2-Step/Fox/RhumbaIV
Pretty blue EyesRhumba/2-StepIV+1
Rachel's SongSlow 2-StepIV+1
Rachels songSlow 2-StepIV+1
Rainbow ConnectionsWaltzIV
Rainbow foxtrotFox/JiveIV+2
Red Rio Grande RhumbaRhumbaIV
Rhythm of the NightCha-ChaIV
Run for the rosesWaltzIV
September FoxtrotFoxIV+1
September moonFox/JiveIV+1
Shadows in the MoonlightCha-ChaIV+1
Shes not youFoxIV+1
Shimmy ChaCha-ChaIV
Somebody else's MoonWaltzIV+1
Somebody elses moonWaltzIV+1
Sometimes I cry in my SleepWaltzIV
Soul LimboCha-ChaIV
Spanish GypsyPaso-DobleIV
Spanish gypsyPaso-DobleIV
Stranger on the shoreFoxIV
Sugar SugarCha-ChaIV+2
Sway 4 meCha-ChaIV
Swearing in the nightCha-ChaIV+1
Take it backJiveIV
Technicolor DreamsFoxIV
The Mountains of MourneWaltzIV+1
The last FarewellCha-ChaIV
The spinning wheelWaltzIV
Three penny QSQuickstepIV+2
Trickle TrickleQuickstepIV
Walkin my baby back homeFox/JiveIV
Watch over me foxtrotFoxIV+1
What a day for a daydreamFox/JiveIV
What will be will beWaltzIV+1
White Sport CoatFoxIV+1
Witchy WomanCha-ChaIV+1
Wrap your troubles in dreamsCha-ChaIV+1+1
Yesterdays songCha-ChaIV
Yo MamaJiveIV
Youll never findCha-ChaIV

Note: The indices still are incomplete. Please check the full Index for more cue sheets.

Martin Prüfer,