ECTA Round Dance Repertoire

The ECTA (European Callers and Teachers Association e.V.) has selected a list of round dances from Phase II to Phase VI. These dances may be used without teaching at any ECTA / EAASDC (European Association of American Square and Round Dance Clubs) dance event (like jamborees).

ECTA Repertoire

A beautiful TimeCha-ChaIII
A continental goodnight2-Step/QuickstepIII
A Lover's question2-StepII+1
A Taste of the Wind2-StepII 2
All NightWaltzII
All shook up2-StepII
All the Fun2-StepII+1
And I love you soRhumbaV
Answer MeWaltzIII
Axel FCha-ChaIII+2
Bahama Mama
Begin the beguine2-StepIII+1
Berkeley Square FoxtrotFoxIV
Blue Heaven Whistler2-StepII
Blue Jeans ChaCha-ChaIV
Bop with me BabyJive/Fox/2-StepIV
Bossa Nova2-StepII
Breaking up JiveJiveIV
Button up your Overcoat & QSQuickstepIV+1
Calendar GirlJiveIV+2
Cha ChingCha-ChaIII+2+1
Chain ReactionJive/2-StepIV
Could I have this DanceWaltzII
Dancing at Washington SquareFox/Jive/2-StepIV+1
Dancing Shadows2-StepII+1
Devil Woman2-StepII
Distant DrumsFoxIV
Dixie Road2-StepII+1
Don't turn your backJiveIV
Down Mexico WayCha-ChaV+2
Dream awhileWaltzIII
Dream TangoTangoV+1+1
Estuvieras TuRhumbaIV+1
Everything's Comming Up Roses
Fascination Waltz
Feliz Navidad2-StepII+2
Fever Two2-StepII+1
Fiddlestepper Polka2-StepII
Fireman 2-step2-StepII+1
Folsom Prison BluesCha-ChaIII+1
Four WallsWaltzII
Foxtrot TonightFoxV
Frenchy Brown2-StepII
Golden Memories2-Step/Cha-ChaII+1
Good Luck Charm2-StepII
Goody Goody
Green Door2-Step/JiveIII
Gypsy FeetSambaIV
Hand over your heartCha-ChaIV+1
Here comes Summer2-StepII
Hey Good Lookin'
Hot Lips2-StepII
Hot StuffCha-ChaIV
I can't take my Eyes off of youCha-ChaIV+2
I gotta jiveJive/FoxIV
I keep putting off getting over you
I love a rainy Night
I Love Beach MusicJive/West Coast SwingV
I wanta QuickstepQuickstepIII+1
I'd just love to lay you down2-StepII+1
It's in his kissCha-ChaIV+2
It's time to dance2-StepII+1
Itsy Bitsy ChaCha-ChaIII+1
Jacalyn's Waltz
Jambo MamboMamboIV
Jingle Bell Rock2-StepII+1
Just a TangoTangoV
Just Lovin' You2-StepII+2
King of the roadFox/JiveIII+1
Kiss me goodbyeRhumbaVI
La Bamba
Lasting LoveFoxIII+1
Listen to the MusicCha-Cha/FoxIV+2
Little white Moon2-StepII
Lousiana Saturday Night2-StepII
Maple Leaf Rag2-StepII
Me and you
Mexicali RoseWaltzII
Moon over NaplesFox/2-StepIII
More and More Every Day
Moscow Nights
Music for Dancers
My Baby just cares for me
My GirlCha-ChaIII+2
My Love2-StepIII
New York2-StepII+1
Nobody's AngelRhumbaIV+2
Non DimenticarRhumbaIII+1
Numero Cinco2-StepII
On Top of the World2-Step/Cha-ChaII
Orient Express Foxtrott
Papa loves Mambo2-StepII+1
Pearly Shells2-StepII
Piano roll WaltzWaltzII
Pink Shoelaces2-StepII
Pop goes the Movies2-Step/Fox/RhumbaIV
Pretty blue EyesRhumba/2-StepIV+1
Primrose Lane2-Step/JiveIII+2
Rachel's SongSlow 2-StepIV+1
Rainbow ConnectionsWaltzIV
Red CarnationsWaltzII+2
Return to Sender
Rhumba Pete2-StepII
Rhythm of the NightCha-ChaIV
Rio de Luna WaltzWaltzIII+1
River 2-Step
Rockin' around the Christmas Tree
Rockin' RobinJiveV
Roses for Elisabeth
Run for the rosesWaltzIV
Salty Dog Rag2-StepII
Seein' my Father in me2-StepII+2
September FoxtrotFoxIV+1
She's not you
So good in LoveWaltzII
Someday SoonRhumbaIII+2
Someone must feel like a foolWaltzII+2
Spagetti Rag2-StepIII
Spanish gypsyPaso-DobleIV
Spoil the PartyCha-Cha/2-StepIII
St. Louis Blues2-StepII
Stay Young2-StepII+1
Stranger on the shoreFoxIV
Sunrise SunsetWaltzII+2
Sweet Caroline2-StepII
Sweet Sweet Smile2-Step/Cha-ChaII+2
Take it Easy cha cha
Tango D'Ideas
Tango MannitaTangoIII
Texas Stars WaltzWaltzII
That Happy Feeling2-Step/SambaIII
The BardV+2+1
The lady is a trampQuickstepV+1
The last WaltzWaltzII
The Missouri Breaks
The Mountains of MourneWaltzIV+1
The Party's over2-StepII+1
The Poet and IWaltzII
The Way to your Heart2-StepII
Tips of my FingersWaltzII
Walk right back2-StepII+1
Walkin' My Baby Back Home
Waltz with meWaltzII
Water under the bridge2-StepII
What lies over the Hill
When will IWaltzV+2
White Sport CoatFoxIV+1
Why haven't I heard from you
Winter Wonderland2-StepII
Woodchoppers' Ball
Yellow birdRhumbaV+1
Yo MamaJiveIV
You never know2-StepII
You're the top cha chaCha-ChaV+2


Begin to Color Me
Boot Scootin' Boogie2-StepII+1+1
Chaka ChakaCha-ChaIV+2+1
Christmas Bride
Deep Love
Doolittle ChaCha-ChaIV+1
Dream On Texas Ladies
Java Two-Step
Little Papillon
Love Is
Paper Moon II
Tequila II
The Foxtrot WayFoxV
Wrap your troubles in dreamsCha-ChaIV+1+1

Dropped from ECTA-Repertoire

All my Ex's live in Texas2-StepII+1
Birth of the Blues2-StepII+1
Brand new Man2-StepII+1
Buttons and Bows2-StepII+1
City boy2-StepII
Dixie Quickstep
Does anybody 2-step2-StepII+2
Dancing with the Devil2-StepII
Don Valero
Esprite D'Tango
Everything is coming up roses
Glory of love2-StepII+1
I'd just love to lay you down2-StepII+1
I'll make your bed2-StepII
If I were a rich man
If your Heart ain't busy tonight
Latin Love
Lisbon antiqua
Macarena Cha
Mambo Expresso
Mexicali RoseWaltzII
Mint Julep
Moon Eyes2-StepII
Mr. Santa
Music Music Music2-StepII+2
My Love is unconditional
Old vienna2-StepII
Please don't talk about me2-StepII+1
Put a Light in the Window2-Step/Cha-ChaIII+1
Quick 'n easy
Rhumba Marie
Sam's Song
Sixteen Tons2-StepII+1
Sleepy Time Gal2-StepII
Street Fair2-Step/1-StepII
Tie a yellow Ribbon2-StepII+1
The Millionaire
Very smooth2-StepII+1
Wake up little Susie
When I take my Sugar to Tea2-StepII
Wish me a RainbowWaltzII+2
Whoop De Do

Martin Prüfer,