You're the top cha cha

Cha-Cha Phase V+2
Record: DS 070
Intro - OP - trail foot free, hands across chest
  Wait 1 1/1;,, shift weight (on 7), clap (on 8);
  bk basic; fc, pt (to LOD), hold,-;(chg to R handshake)

Part A - R hand shake, fc wall
  hip twist; fan; hockey stick;; dbl rk;
  1/2 Basic; alemana; Hand to hand;
  (mod) crab wks;; New Yorker in 3(qqs);
  spot trn; alemana; Hand to hand (to OP);
  wk 2, kick & tch (dwn); Body ripple;

Part B - OP
  4 cuban breaks;; spot trn; 1/2 Basic;
  Fan; full alemana;;Hand to hand;
  New Yorker; Q New Yorkers; New Yorker;
  dbl cubans;; |13
  spot trn (to OP); bk Basic; fc, pt,-,-;
                    (chg to R handshake)
Ending - OP fcg
  spot trn (in 3) - twice;; ck, rec/bk, pt,-;
                            (extend lead arms up)

SEQUENCE:Intro - A B - A B(1-13)- Ending

Martin Prüfer,