Woke up im Love

2-Step Phase II+1
Record: Epic 34-04247
                              Richard & Jo Anne Lawson
Intro - Bfly
  Wait 2;; Apt pt; tog tch (to Bfly);
  2 sd cl; wk 2; sd draw tch - twice (to SCP);;

Part A - SCP
  2 fwd 2s;; rk fwd, rec; rk bk, rec; Box;;
  vine 4; wk & PU; 2 fwd 2s;; rk fwd, rec; rk bk, rec;
  prog Scis (chkit);; Fishtail; wk & fc (to Bfly);
  sd draw cl;

Part B - Bfly
  vine 2; fc to fc; vine 2; bk to bk (to OP);
  Basketball trn (to OP);;
  hitch 4; wk & fc; trav Box;;;; |12
  op vine 4;; 2 sd cl; wk & fc (to Bfly);|16
  sd draw tch - twice;; sd draw cl;

Part C - OP (no hands)
  step, kick (clap) - twice; vine apt 3;
  step, kick (clap)- twice; vine tog 3;
  Basketball trn (to OP);;
  chg sd (like Cal twirl); on around (to OP / fc rev);
  repeat;;;;;;;;                     (to Bfly)
  sd draw cl;

Ending - Bfly
  slow vine 2; apt & pt;

SEQUENCE:Intro - A B - A B C - B(16) B(12) - Ending

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