Waltzing to Seattle

Waltz Phase II
Record: Grenn 14298

Intro - OP fcg
  Wait 2;; Apt, pt; Tog tch to Bfly;

Part A - Bfly
  Waltz away; Waltz tog;
  Step swing; Spin manuv;
  2 R trns (fc wall);; vine twirl; PU in 3;
  twinkl out; twinkl in;
  twinkl out; twinkl to PU;
  dip bk; fwd waltz; 2 L trns to Bfly (fc wall);

Part B - Bfly
  Bal L & R;; vine twirl; thru sd cl (to CP);
  L trng waltz Box (to Bfly);;;;

Ending - CP
  vine twirl; thru sd cl (to CP);
  dip bk; & twist;

SEQUENCE:Intro - A B - A B - Ending

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