Too many Chiefs

2-Step Phase II
Record: Wagon Wheel 501

Intro - OP fcg
  Wait 2;; Apt, pt; Tog tch to OP;

Part A - OP
  2 fwd 2's to fc;; Box;; rev Box;; dbl hitch;;
  repeat to Bfly;;;;;;;;

Part B - Bfly
  push away 2step, snap; tog 2step, snap;
  Scis thru (fc rev); one sd 2step;
  tog 2step to fc; scis thru to Bfly;
  vine 8;;
  Circ away 2step; scis thru; tog 2step; scis thru to OP;
  dbl hitch;;
  point fwd & bk; walk 2 to Bfly;

Break - Bfly
  2 sd 2steps;; quick Apt pt, tog tch to OP;

Ending - Bfly
  2 sd 2steps;; step apt & pt;

SEQUENCE:Intro - A B Break - A B Break - A B Ending

Martin Prüfer,