The great Snowman

2-Step Phase II+1
Record: WRS 100

Intro - Diag. man fcg LOD
  Wait 2;; apt pt; tog tch to Bfly (man fc LOD);

Part A - Bfly/fcg LOD
  vine/twirl & rev;;
  rev Box (CP LOD);; hitch 4; walk 2;
  prog Scis (to Bfly LOD);;
            (to Bjo );;

Part B - Bjo/LOD
  lock 3 twice;;
  fwd hitch; hitch/Scis thru (to SCP);
  Std Scis;; chk & Fishtail; walk & fc (man fc wall);

Part C - CP/wall
  (slow) lunge sd; twist;
  beh sd thru to SCP;
  dbl hitch;; 2 fwd 2s;;
  slow piv 2 (keep her in front); walk 2 (to Bfly/LOD);
                                         (to Bfly/wall);

Ending - Bfly/wall
  sd draw cl; twice; circ away & tog to Tamara;;
  Tamara across; fc 2step;
  Tamara bk; fc 2step to Bfly;
  sd draw cl; twice; vine 8;;
  twirl 2; walk 2; apt & pt;

SEQUENCE:Intro - A B C - A B C - Ending

Martin Prüfer,