The Foxtrot Way

Fox Phase V
Choreographer: Regina & Michael Schmidt
Record: Rexl
Intro - LOP - DLW
  Wait 1;step tog tch; feather fin; op telemark;

Part A - SCP
  nat hover X;; op telemark; nat fallaway weave;;
  3step; 1/2 nat trn; hes chg;

Part B - CP - DLC
  rev trn;; 3step; 1/2 nat trn;
  op impetus; prom weave;; chg of dir;

Part C - CP - DLC
  dbl rev; curv 3 step; bk curving 3 step; 3step;
  1/2 nat trn; op impetus; prom weave|8;;
  rev trn 1/2; chk & weave;; op telemark;

Part D - CP - DLW
  3step; feather; 3step; op nat;
  back feather; bk 3step; op impetus; feather;

Ending - SCP
  step thru to prom sway; chg of sway;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C(8) D - C A C - Ending

Martin Prüfer,