The Bard

Phase V+2+1
Choreographer: Richard Lamberty & Marilou Morales
Record: REXL
Intro - OP-fcg
  Wait 1; roll 3; thru chasse (SCP); Chair rec slip;

Part A - CP / diag COH
  op Telemark; thru chasse (Bjo); Manuv; Spin trn;
  Box fin; Curving 3step; bk chasse (Bjo); Manuv;
  op Impetus; weave 6;; undertrn Manuv;
  outside chg (SCP); curved feather chk; outside chg; PU;

Part B - CP / diag COH
  dbl rev; op Telemark; ripple chasse; op nat;
  outside spin & twist;; thru to viennese X; hover corte;
  bk whisk; sync vine; thru rising lk; cl Telemark; Manuver;
  Piv to hairpin; outside chg (SCP); thru chasse (SCP);
  1) chair rec slip piv;
  2) chair & hold;

Ending -

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B

Martin Prüfer,