Strait Champagne

Fox/Jive Phase V
Choreographer: Patsy Launsbach
Record: MCA 79070

Intro -  OP fcg
  Wait 2;; Apt pt; PU tch; prog Fox Box;;  rk fwd, rec; rk bk, rec;

Part A - PU
  1/2 L trn; Hover Corte; bk Hover(SCP); PU sd cl;
  full rev trn;; 3step; Manuv sd cl;
  Spin trn; feather fin; op telemark; thru chasse 3 (Bjo);
  Nat weave;; hover telemark (SCP); 1)    PU sd cl;
                                    2,3) fwd fc cl;

Part B - PU
  Diamond trn;;;;
  op telemark; Nat fallaway Weave;; chg of Direction;

Part C - CP
  Jive chasse; rk rec, R trn fallaway, rk rec, R trn fallaway;;;
  rk rec, R to L, rk rec, stop & go, rk rec L to R;;;;;
  rk rec, Am Spin, rk rec, link to a Whip trn, rk rec (SCP),wk & PU;;;;;

Ending - CP
  sd corte & hold; rev twirl 3 & pt to rev;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B A - C B A - Ending

Martin Prüfer,