Shutters & Boards

Waltz Phase II
Record: Eric 270

Intro - OP fcg
  wait 2;;;; apt, pt, -; tog,tch to Bfly, -;
  roll 3; thru, fc, cl; dip bk; rec, tch, -;

Part A - COP/Wall
  vine/twirl; thru, fan, pt; thru, rec, sd; thru, sd, behind;
  roll 3; thru, sd, cl to Bfly; sd, draw, tch - twice;;
  solo trns to CP;; dip bk; rec (to SCAR); |12
  twinkle to Bjo;manuv; 2 R trns to Bfly;;

Part B - Bfly
  waltz away; spin manuv; piv 3 to SCP; thru, fc, cl;
  bal L; canter R; bal R;canter L;
  vine3; thru, pt fwd, -; step, swing, -;
  fwd to FC, tch, -; L trng waltz box;;;;

Ending - Bfly
  apt, pt, -; tog, tch, -; roll 3; thru, fc, cl; dip bk; twist;

SEQUENCE:Intro - A B  - A B  - A A(1-12) - Ending

Martin Prüfer,