She's a little past fourty

2-Step Phase II
Choreographer: Ron & Mary Noble
Record: Special Press
Intro - SCP - start on 'fourty'
  Wait 1;

Part A - SCP
  2 fwd 2s;; op vine 4 (SCP);; 2 fwd 2s;; twisty vine 4 (Bjo);;
  lk 3 twice;; fwd hitch; hitch/scis (SCP);
  2 trn 2s;; vine/twirl 2; wk & fc (Bfly); sd draw cl;

Part B - Bfly
  fc to fc; bk to bk (Bfly); rk sd rec, X sd X;; - twice;;
  BB trn (OP);; sliding doors;;;;
  M: circ away & tog  / L: circ away 2 2s;;
  L only: strut 6 (to man);;;

Part C - Bfly
  vine 3 tch; wrap 3; unwrap; chg sd (OP R-LOD/LOD);
  circ away 2 2s;; strut tog 4 (Bfly);;
  sd draw cl;

Break - Bfly
  sd draw cl;

Ending - SCP
  2 fwd 2s;; circ away & tog in 4 (Bfly - no hands);;
  sd draw cl; lunge sd, hold;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A C Break - A - Ending

Martin Prüfer,