Serenade 4 U

Choreographer: Richard Lamberty
Record: Star 172
Intro - OP fcg
  Wait 2;; solo roll 3; thru fc cl;

Part A - CP
  hover telemark; op nat; op impetus; PU/Lady lk;
  op telemark; thru chasse (Bjo); Manuv; hes chg;
  One L trn; hover corte; bk whisk; PU/Lady lk;
  dbl rev; trn L, sd & hold; fallaway ronde & slip; chg of dir;

Part B - CP DC
  dbl rev; drag hes; bk bk/lk bk; op imp;
  weave 6 (Bjo);; fwd fwd/lk fwd; Manuv; spin trn;
  bk to hinge; rec hover (SCP); thru to whiplash; bk hover (SCP);
  fwd hover (Bjo); bk whisk; 1,3) thru fc cl (Bfly)
                               2) PU/Lady lk;

Interlude - Bfly
  solo roll 3; thru fc cl (CP);

Ending - Bfly
  solo roll 3; thru fc cl; hover (SCP); thru SCP chasse;
  chair & hold;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B Int - A B B - Ending

Martin Prüfer,