Pick a bale of Cotton

Choreographer: Irv & Betty Easterday
Record: STAR 147
Intro - Bfly LOD
  Wait 2;; Dig step 4x;;

Part A - L-OP fcg, fc LOD
  basic rk (SCP fc COH);,, fallaway throwaway overtrn (fc rev);,,
  chicken wk 2s; 4q (Bfly - fc rev);
  X kick, sailor shuffle - 2x;; sailor shuffle 2x;
  rk to chopper (qqssqq);;
  hands beh bk;,, chg L to R to rev underarm trn;,,
  chasse trns; sd draw cl; sync chasse (q&q&q&q);

Part B - L-OP fcg / fc COH
  chg L to R (wall);,, rk to shag;;; SusiQ 6;,,
  X thru - ball chg; throwaway;
  L to R (hand shake); passing Am spin - 2x;;;
  rolling off the arms extended;;,,
  rk rec, pt & hold;

Part C - CP
  fallaway rk;,, chg R to L;,, chg L to R ovrtrn - simple spin;;
  stop & go extended (extra rk - handshake);;;
  rev underarm trn (tandem/wall);,, catapult (SCP fc COH);,,

Ending - L-OP fcg
  rk to dbl whip - sd corte & twist;;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A A - Ending

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