Ob-La-Di, ObLaDa

Choreographer: Ron ReeRumble
Record: TeBeatles
Intro - OP
  Wait 1;sliding doors;; circ cha (Bfly);;

Part A - Bfly
  Basic;; rev underarm trn; crab wk;
  one trav door; (to rev) sd wk; hand 2 hand 2x (Bfly);;

Part B - Bfly
  1/2 Basic; Fan to fc; (to wall) NYer; hang on underarm trn (Tamara);
  wheel R; wheel Lady trn under L to fc; fence line 2x;;

Part C - Bfly
  NYer; whip; (trn to L-OP) 4 fwd cha;;
  NYer; spot trn 2x;; whip (Bfly);

Ending - Bfly
  NYer 4; merengue 3 & pt sd (to rev);

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B C - A B -Ending

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