Mo Jive

Choreographer: Marisa Magnier & Martin Pr@fer f@r Susanne Geiger
Record: Right said Fred
Intro - CP
  Wait 2;;fallaway rk, rk rec;;
  flicks into break (3 pt - 4 kicks) & hold, rk rec;;;;,,
  throwaway (R hand shake); sweetheart shove, L to R;;;
  span arm 2x (SCP);;; rk rec,,

Part A - SCP
  kick ball/chg 2x; 2 fwd triples; swivel wk 4; rk the boat 2x;
  throwaway; stop & go (R hand);;
  triple wheel 5/W spin (fc wall);;;,, link rk;,,
  chasse roll;; & rev;;
  link to dbl whip trn, link rk (SCP);;;;

Part B - SCP
  mooch;;;;; prezel trn;;;
  basic rk, fallaway throwaway;;;
  am spin (W trn), am spin (M trn);;;|14
  chg L to R, rk rec;; rk the boat 2x;;

Ending - L-OP fc LOD
  am spin (both trn), chg L to R;;; rk rec, lunge sd, extend arms

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B(14) - Ending

Martin Prüfer,