Love changes everything

Choreographer: Barbara Jerry Pierce
Record: SP JP-1100
Intro - bk to bk pos, R foot hooked behind L
  Wait 2;; s unwind; s raise arms (Bfly);

Part A - Bfly
  NYer 2x;; X-body; NYer;
  chk rec Aida prep; Aida line (with s arm sweep);
  face & hip rk 2; s rev underarm trn 2;
  X-body (wall/hand shake); contra brk;
  underarm trn; shadow brk (fc LOD);
  bolero wks (both trn in); bk bolero wks;
  sd trn (SCP), chair to fc; hip rks;
  riff trn 4q; underarm trn; hip rks; s raise arms;

Interlude - Bfly
  riff trn; underarm trn; hip rks; raise arms;

Part B - CP
  Basic start Fan; Fan start hockey stick;
  fin hockey stick; W roll L to wall / M rk 2;
  op fence line; roll L (chk);
  op fence line; W roll / M fwd & fc COH;
  trn basic (fc wall);; underarm trn; lunge break (both hands);
  four openings outs;;;;

Ending - CP
  nat top (fc wall);; promenade sway; chg to oversway;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A A Int B - Int Int - Ending

Martin Prüfer,