Lay down Salley Cha

Cha-Cha Phase III
Choreographer: Harry & Elsie Stockfeder
Record: RS 886

Intro - bk-to-bk Pos
  Wait 2;; Circ cha (Bfly);;
  NYorker - twice;; Fence line - twice;;

Part A - Bfly
  Full Basic cha (R Hand Star);; Star around cha (Bfly);;
  rk sd rec, X sd X; rk sd rec, X sd X;
  Basketball trn (OP);

Part B - OP
  Slide the Door; rk apt rec; fwd cha;
  fwd trn in, bk cha; 1/2 Baisc bk;

Break - OP
  swivel 2, fwd cha; swivel 2, fwd cha; circ cha;;

Part C - 1/2 OP
  wk 2, fwd cha; Lady roll 2, fwd cha;
  Lady roll bk 2, fwd cha; wk 2, fwd cha (Bfly);
  vine/twirl cha & rev;;
  apt 2, apt cha; tog 2, tog cha (1/2 OP);
  repeat;;;;;;;;                 (Bfly)

Ending - OP
  vine apt 2, sd cha; vine tog 2, sd cha (Bfly);
  Cucaracha L & R;; Shoulder to Schoulder - twice;;
  Hand to Hand - twice;; step apt & pt,,;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B Break - A B C - A B B - Ending

Martin Prüfer,