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Quickstep Phase VI
Choreographer: Randy & Marie Preskit
Record: STAR

Intro - OP fcg diag COH, weight on lead foot, trail foot X beh
  raise arms;; sd & 6 q twinkle;;

Part A - Bjo
  chasse rev trn;; stutter; man sd cl;
  overspin trn;,, V6 with rising lck;;,,
  viennese trns 1 & 1/2;;; prog chasse;
  fwd, man; sd cl, spin trn;; box fin;

Part B - PU
  qtr trn & prog chasse;;;;
  dbl lk; fwd man; sd cl, impetus (SCP);;
  in & out runs - 2x;;;;
  man sd cl; hes chg;|14
  dbl rev;;

Interlunde - PU
  op telemark; thru to tipsy pt & lift tap with woodpeckers;;;
  bk lk bk; running fin; man sd cl; heel pull;

Ending - CP
  op telemark, thru;; sd beh; roll 2; side lunge; extend arms;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B A Int - B Int - B(14) - Ending

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