I wanna dance with you

Choreographer: Debbie & John Smith
Record: RCA 5238-7
2-Step/Single Swing Phase III+1

Intro - OP fcg
  Wait 2;; Apt pt; tog tch (to OP);

Part A - OP
  2 fwd 2s;; dbl hitch;;
  vine apt 3 & clap; vine tog 3; Basketball trn;;|8
  (no Hands) Lace up;;;;
  circ away 2 2s;; strut tog 4 (CP);;

Part B - CP (Single Swing)
  sd tch sd; chg R to L, chg L to R;;;
  chg hands beh bk, Windmill;;;
  basic, throwaway;;;
  link (SCP), rk rec;;|12
  scoot 4; wk 2; scoot 4; wk 2;
  circ away 2 2s;; strut tog 4;;

Ending - CP
  2 sd cl; op vine 4 (to bk to bk Pos);; bump/hold;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - B(12) - A(8) - B - Ending

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