I Love Beach Music

Jive/West Coast Swing Phase V
Choreographer: Ed & Carolyn Raybuck
Record: EEE-1001
Intro - OP fcg
  Wait;; slow Apt pt; slow tog tch(CP);

Part A - CP (WCS)
  R trn triples; R trn fallaway, rk rec;; throw out;
  Sugar push, rev Underarm trn;;;
  Tuck & Spin, L sd pass;;; Sugar push, rev Underarm trn;;;
  wk 2 (fc COH), R trn triples;,,

Part B - CP (Jive)
  chg place R to L & L to R;;; Am spin,  |z
  chg Hnds beh bk;;; one spanish Arms;,

Part C - Bfly
  vine 8 (1/2 OP);; step kick - 2x (fc); step kick  - 2x;

Interlude - CP
  stop & go;; dbl rk;|3
  vine 3 (bk2bk) & clap; vine 3 (fc) & clap (Bfly);
  roll 3 & clap; & rev;
  repeat (4-7);;;;

Ending - Bfly
  dbl rk apt rec; apt pt;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A B - Int - A B(z) - Ending

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