Hot Stuff

Cha-Cha Phase IV
Choreographer: Steve & Jackie Wilhoit
Record: RdBoot912
Intro - Bfly
  Wait 2;; fence line twice;;

Part A - Bfly
  Alemana;; bk break (OP); swivel 2 & fwd cha;
  circ cha;; shoulder to shoulder - twice;;|8
  full basic;; New Yorker; spot turn;
  Alemana with twirl;; Lariat (in 2 meas);;

Part B  - L-OP fcg
  OP hip twist; fan; hockey stick;;
  New Yorker - twice;; Spot turn - twice;;|8
  OP break (Bolero); wheel cha;
  OP break (Bolero); wheel cha;
  vine 2, fc to fc; vine 2, bk to bk; circle cha (Bfly);;

Ending - Bfly
  Sd cl X (Bfly tilt);

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - A(8) - B(9-16) - Ending

Martin Prüfer,