Hey Daddy

Cha-Cha Phase IV
Choreographer: Irv & Betty Easterday
Record: Daddy Cha
Intro - L-OP fcg
  Wait 2;; NYer; front vine 4; 3 NYers;;; front vine 4 (to rev);

Part A - Bfly
  fence line 2x;; chase peek a boo;;;;
  1/2 Basic; Fan; Hockey stick (overtrn to L-OP, M fc rev);;
  rk fwd rec, triple cha bk;; X-body to triple cha fwd;;
  Alemana (Bfly/wall);;

Part B - Bfly
  hand 2 hand; crab wks;; Aida;
  switch rk; underarm trn (CP); rk bk rec pt 2x;;
  Cucaracha L & R;; bk away cha; & tog (no hands);
  Larriat;; Basic;;

Ending - Bfly
  NYer; front vine 4; NYer 2x;;
  front vine 6 & lunge apt (fc rev);;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - Ending

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