Heading for a Fall

Cha-Cha Phase IV+2
Choreographer: Annette & Frank Woodruff
Record: Ariola 74321
Intro - L-OP fcg, trail foot free
  Wait 2;; 3 underarm trns;;;
  Shoulder to shoulder; sport trn; Hand to Hand - twice;;

Part A - CP
  Basic cha (to Fan);; Exit to both fc LOD; Aida (V bk2bk);
  Switch & swivel; Crab wks;; X body; NYer;
  Aida; Switch & swivel; Crab wks;; X body; Fence line 4;

Part B - Bfly
  Fence line; spot trn (R Hand shake);
  low Lariat to Peek a boo;;; Lady spin;
  Shoulder to shoulder 3 times (with arms);;; spot trn;
  Hip twist; Fan (Man follows); dbl rock;

Part C - PU, lead hands joined
  mod Hockey Stick to triple cha fwd & bk;;;;
  X body to triple cha fwd;;
  1/2 Basic (CP); Alemana trn;

Ending - Bfly
  Underarm trn - twice;; Shoulder to Schoulder;
  Lunge thru & hold;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A B C - Ending

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