Daydreams about night things

2-Step Phase II+1
Choreographer: Marcie Fafrak
Record: RCA GB 10672
Intro - OP fcg
  Wait 2;; Apt, pt; Tog tch (Bfly);

Part A - Bfly
  fc to fc; bk to bk; dbl hitch (Bfly);;
  rk sd, rec; X sd X; rk sd, rec; X sd X;
  wk (Bjo) & chk; Fishtail; wk & fc; 2 trn 2s (CP);;
  Std Scis;; hitch 4; wk & fc;

Part B - CP
  sd 2step L & R;; Scis thru (chkit); rec sd thru;
  Lace up (CP);;;; twirl Box;;;;
  2 trn 2s;; Piv 4;; vine/twirl 2 (Bfly);

Part C - CP
  slow vine 2; sd 2step; thru, sd 2step, thru (Bfly);;

Ending - CP
  vine/twirl 4 (CP);; 2 sd cl;apt pt;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A C - A - Ending

Martin Prüfer,