Day Dreaming

Waltz Phase III+1
Choreographer: Jim & Dottie McCord
Record: ESP 005

Intro - Bfly
  Wait 2;; Vine/twirl 3; thru fc cl (Bfly);

Part A - Bfly
  waltz away; Lady wrap up; fwd waltz; fwd fc cl;
  twinkl thru; twinkl manuv; 2 R trns (CP);;
  twisty vine 3; fwd fc cl; twinkl to Bjo; & to fc;
  canter twice;; 1/2 Box; trn 1/2 Box bk (PU);

Part B - PU
  2 L trns;; Whisk; Wing (Scar);
  op Telemark; Manuv; Spin trn; 1/2 Box bk (PU);
  repeat;;;;;;;;                           (Bfly)

Ending - Bfly
  apt pt; Spin manuv; 2 R trns;;
  step apt & extend arms;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - Ending

Martin Prüfer,