Dancing with the Devil

2-Step Phase II
Choreographer: Jack & Nedra Barnes
Record: MCA 52327
Intro - OP
  Wait 2;; Cross pt, kick, q bk 2step - twice;;

Part A - OP
  2 fwd 2s (Bfly);; vine 4; sd tap/clap twice;
  Scis to Scar; twisty vine 4 (to rev); Scis/hitch;
  away kick, tog tch (CP);

Part B - CP
  Box;; sd 2step & lift; beh sd thru (SCP);
  dbl hitch;; circ away & tog (fc - no Hands);;
                              (fc - no Hands)
Part C - OP fcg
  sd draw cl; Man circ R to fc center;
  sd draw cl; Man circ L to fc;
  sd draw cl; apt tch, tog tch (OP);

Ending - OP
  2 fwd 2s (Bfly);; vine 4; sd tap/clap, sd tap/clap;
  Box;; dip to center & twist;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A B C - A B A - Ending

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