Dancing at Washington Square

Fox/Jive/2-Step Phase IV+1
Choreographer: Phil & Jane Robertson
Record: Epic 15-2224
Intro - PU
  Wait 2;;

Part A - PU
  Prog Scis;; fwd lk 2x; wk (Bjo) & chk;
  Fishtail; wk & fc; vine 4; wk & PU;
  (Fox) chg of direction;

Part B - PU (Fox)
  diamond trn;;;; rev trn;;
  hover telemark (SCP); op nat;
  Impetus (SCP); in & out run;; Feather;
  Telemark (SCP); Feather; 3step; nat trn 1/2;
  Hesitation chg;

Part C - CP Jive
  sd tch, R chasse; chg R to L, shlder shove;;;
  chg L to R, am spin;;; rk ap rec, kick ball/chg;

Part D - CP
  chasse L & R; rk rec chasse roll;; & rev;;
  R trn fallaway, 1) Jive wks;;;
  repeat;;;;;     2) rk rec, swivel wk 4 (PU);;;

Ending - PU (Fox)
  diamond trn;;;; rev trn;;
  hover telemark (SCP); Feather; fwd, R lunge & hold;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - B C D - Ending

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