Coward of the County

2-Step Phase II+2
Choreographer: Klaus V[lkl
Record: UA LC 0379

Intro - OP FCG
  Wait 2;; roll 2; wk & fc; 1/2 Box;
  Scis thru (SCP); Piv 4;;

Part A - SCP
  2 fwd 2s;; op vine 4;; Piv 1/2;
  repeat (to rev);;;;;
  2 fwd 2s;; hitch 4; wk & fc; 1/2 Box;
  Scis thru (Bjo - chkit); fishtail; wk & fc;
  2 sd cl; sd thru;

Part B - OP
  rk apt, rec; chg sd 2step; fwd 2step; rk fwd, rec; bk 2step;
  rk apt, rec; rk bk, rec; fwd 2step; chg sd 2step;
  fc 2step (Bfly); vine 3 tch; wrap in 3; wheel 1/2;
  bwd hitch; unwrap 3; fc 2step (Tam bk); tamara back;
  fc 2step; 2 trn 2s (Bfly);;

Part C - BFLY
  fc 2 fc; sd 2step; SuziQ;; Strut apt 2;
  fwd 2step; charge turn in; tog 2step (SCP); 2 fwd 2s (CP);;
  knee, pt sd; beh sd thru; knee, pt sd; beh sd thru (1/2 OP);
  dble hitch;; swing, step, step twice;; 2 trn 2s;;

Ending - SCP
  2 fwd 2s;; wk & fc; sd draw cl; rk apt;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A B C - A B C - Ending

Martin Prüfer,