Cha Cha Frenesi

Choreographer: Bob & Nora Slomcenski
Record: SP
Cha-Cha Phase IV+1

Intro - R hands joined - L arms extended
  Wait 3,,,

Part A - R hands joined
  shadow NYer 2x;; rk apt rec, trade places cha - 2x;;
  mod Flirt (Fan)|6;; 1,2) Alemana prep 4 (R-R hands); pt & freeze;
                        3) Alemana;;

Part B - R hands joined
  chase peek-a-boo;;;;
  Alemana;; Larriat (R-R hands (option Rope Spin));;

Part C - CP
  cuddle 2x;; Basic to Fan;;
  Stop & go hockey stick with X-lunge;;
    1) Alemana;;
    2) Alemana prep 4 (R-R hands); pt & freeze;

Ending - Fan
  Hockey stick to triple cha fwd;;; rk fwd rec, triple cha bk;;
  underarm trn; 2 q shadow NYs; pt & freeze;

Sequence:  A A B - A C C - B A(6) - Ending

Martin Prüfer,