Button up your Overcoat & QS

Quickstep Phase IV+1
Choreographer: Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid
Record: SP
Intro - OP fcg/DLW
  Wait 2;; apt pt; PU & tch; 2 L trns;; wk (Bjo) & chk; Fishtail;

Part A - PU
  1/4 trn;; to prog chasse (Bjo);;
  fwd lk fwd; Manuv sd cl; Overspin trn;,,
  to prog chasse;; fwd lk fwd; semi chasse;,,
  PU sd cl; s op rev;,, to prog chasse;;
  fwd lk fwd; Manuv sd cl; hesitation chg;,,

Part B - CP/DLCH
  chasse rev (Bjo);;,, fwd, fwd lk fwd;,, Manuv sd cl;
  overspin trn to trn lk (SCP);;; Manuv sd cl;
  spin trn;,, Box fin; |11 Flicker,,

Ending - CP/DLW
  chg pt,,

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - A B(11) - Ending

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de