2-Step Phase II+1
Choreographer: Charles & Dorothy DeMaine
Record: MCA 52008

Intro - Op fcg
  Wait 2;; apt pt; tog tch (CP);
  bk apt 2 2s;; strut tog 4 (Bfly);;

Part A - Bfly
  1/2 Box fwd; (to rev) vine 4; 1/2 Box bk; vine 4;
  2 fwd 2s;; wk 2 (Bjo); Fishtail (CP);

Part B - Bfly
  fc to fc; bk to bk (OP); dbl hitch;;
  chg sd 2stp; fwd 2stp; fc 2stp; spot twirl 3;

Part C - Bfly
  sd beh toe heel; hitch apt; repeat;;
  sd 2stp lift; beh sd thru; circ away & tog;;

Ending - Bfly
  bk away 2 2s;; step bk & pt;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A - Ending

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