Axel F

Cha-Cha Phase III+2
Choreographer: Methewson
Record: MCA 259 074-7
Intro - bk to bk - Position
  Wait 2;; Circ cha (Bfly);; Basic;; New Yer; Spot trn (Bfly);

Part A - Bfly
  Basic;; Fence line - twice;; Alemana;; Hand to hand - twice;;|8
  Basic;; Fence line - twice;;
  Alemana;; Bk break (OP); Swivel 2 & fwd cha;

Part B - OP
  Slide the door; Rk apt, rec & fwd cha;
  fwd, turn in bk cha; 1/2 Basic bk;
  Vine apt 2 & cha; X rk, rec & cha (Bfly);

Interlude - Bfly
  slow vine 4;

Part C - Bfly
  Rk sd, rec, X sd X - twice;; vine/twirl cha & rev;;
  New Yer - twice;; slow Vine 4; q vine 8;

Ending - Bfly
  Circ cha (Bfly);; Basic;; Fence line - twice;;
  Alemana;;New Yer; Spot trn; Rk apt;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - Interl - A B C - A(9-16) - Ending

Martin Prüfer,