An affair to remember

Fox Phase V
Choreographer: Ken & Irene Slaters
Record: SP
Intro - CP diag wall (trail foot free)
  Wait 1; R lunge rec slip;

Part A - CP diag center
  rev trn;; hover telemark; curved feather;
  zig zag 4; op impetus; feather; dbl rev;

Part B - PU
  rev wave 3; chk & weave;; 3step;
  nat trn 1/2; cl impetus; bk to hinge; rec hover (SCP);
  run op nat; feather fin; hover telemark; curved feather;
  hes chg; contra chk & switch; nat weave;;

Part C - PU
  apt pt; roll W to slow hinge line;; rec hover (SCP);
  4 in and out runs (with arms);;;;
  prom weave;; whisk; feather;

Ending - PU
  cl telemark; nat zig zag - rev zig zag;;;
  rev twirl/vine 3, apt pt;,,

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A C - Ending

Martin Prüfer,