Always have, always will

Choreographer: Marisa & Martin
Record: Ace of base
Jive Phase

Intro - SCP
  wait 2;; flicks into breaks;;;;;

Part A - Bfly
  throwaway; chg L to R, Am spin;;;
  Miami special, kick ball/chg;; slide X, spin 3;

Part B - Bfly
  basic;,, windmill 2x;;; stop & go;; jive wks;,,
  throwaway; hand beh bk, R to L (tandem);;;
  catapult, link (SCP);;; rk rec, sd cl;

Part C - Bfly
  sailor shuffle 2x (R hand shake);
  Lady under to turkish towel;;;,, Lady out & spin;,,
  1) chasse L & R; rk rec, sd cl;
  2) neck slide & wheel;; rk rec, sd cl;

Break - Bfly
  basic, chg R to L;;; stop & go;; chg L to R;,,
  link to whip;; pretzel trn;,, dbl rk; unwrap pretzel;
  R trn fallaway 2x;;; rk rec, sd cl;

Ending - Bfly
  throwaway; chg L to R, am spin;;; link (SCP);,, rk rec, apt pt;

SEQUENCE:  Intro - A B C - A B C Break - C - Ending

Martin Prüfer,