A beautiful Time

Choreographer: John Dollar & Mary Gilbreath
Record: EPIC 34-05782
Cha-Cha Phase III

Intro - Op fcg
  Wait 2;; Apt pt; tog tch (Bfly); sd cl, sd cha; & rev;

Part A - Bfly
  circ cha (Bfly);; Basic;;|4
  twirl 2, sd cha; & rev; NYer 2x;;

Part B - Bfly
  vine 2, fc to fc; vine 2, bk to bk (OP);
  wk 2, fwd hitch; wk bk 2, bk hitch;
  op vine 4; 2 trn 2s (Bfly); rk sd rec, X - 2x;;

Part C - OP
  fwd trn in, bk cha; bk 2, bk cha;
  1/2 basic bk; slide the door (OP);

Ending - Bfly
  sd cl; q sd cl, apt;

SEQUENCE:  Intro - A B C - A B B - A(4) - Ending

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