Woodchoppers Ball

Choreographer: Lawson
Single Swing/Quickstep Phase III+1

Intro - OPFcg/diag
  apt, ack;  PU & tch;

Part A - 
  walk & face;  chasse 3;      
  back, chasse to Bjo, fwd;;   
  fwd/lk, fwd;    manuv, sd, close;
  pivot 1/2;   dip back, rec;
  walk to Bjo & check;  slow cross, sd;
  2 fwd locks;   walk & face;

Part B - 
  broken box;;;;    fwd hitch;   
  scis thru to 1/2 OP;   strut 4;;   
  2 sd closes;   walk 2;   hitch 4;   
  walk & face;  (2nd time:walk & PU -
  go to "A")

Part C - 
  sd, tch, sd;  
  change R to L & L to R;;;
  change hnd X back  -  L to R;;;-wall
  basic  -  fallaway throwaway;;;
  link rk to Scp - rk, rec;; (end:  NO
  "RK, REC")

End - 
  apt, ack

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - B - A - C C - End

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