Choreographer: Slater
Fox Phase IV

Intro - LOfcg/DLW
  tog, trn & tch; feather finish;  (DC)

Part A - 
  full rev turn;;    3-step;   
  open natural;   open impetus;  
  promenade weave;; | 7
  change of direction;

Part B - 
  rev wave;;   open impetus;   feather;
  rev wave - check & weave;;;
  turn left & right chasse;   
  outside change/Bjo;
  1/2 natural;   closed impetus;  
  feather finish;   1/2 dia turn;;   
  qk 1/4 dia turn in 4;  (LOD) (option: qk weave 4)
  dip back, rec;  (go to "A")

End - 
  step fwd & right lunge;  (twds wall)

SEQUENCE: Intro - A - A B - A B - A(7) - End

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de