Who put the bomb

2-Step Phase II+1

Intro - Bfly/wall
  first beat of music!!  
  (say "GO" on second 5 of MD)
  W slow dbl twirl/M slow limp;;    
  sd, draw tch both ways;;   
  slow apt, ack;  tog, tch;
  qk knee swivels 8;;  (Scp)

Part A - 
  2 fwd 2's;;  2 turn 2's;; 
  circle away 2 2's;;
  strut tog in 4;; (Bfly)    
  box;;   rev box;;  
  twirl/vine 2;   	walk & face;    
  scis thru 2x;; 

Part B - 
  open vine 4;;    qk vine 8;;   
  face-to-face;   rk sd, rec;   
  back-to-back;    rk sd, rec;
  hitch apt;   scis thru; (OP)   
  slow rk the boat 2x;;  
  lunge turn in;  	walk 2 (RLOD);  
  lunge turn out;  walk 2 (Scp);  

Part C - 
  lace across;   fwd 2-step;   
  double hitch;    REPEAT;;;;   
  walk 2 to Scp;    
  lunge, twist;   behind, sd, thru;
  walk 2 to OP;   fwd, lk, fwd 2x;;
  scoot;   	walk 2 to Bfly;

End - 
  vine 3 & tch;   wrap;   unwrap;   
  change sides;  vine 3 & tch;   wrap;
  qk strut 4;   unwrap in 2 & pt;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B - A C - End

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de