Where is your heart

Waltz Phase V

Intro - CP/DC
  wait;   dbl rev spin;  
  chg of dir DC;  dbl rev spin; 
  step fwd, sd, draw; (DW)

Part A - 
  whisk;   weave/Scp;; 
  nat'l hover fallaway;
  slip pivot;   manuv;   spin turn;   
  box finish;  dbl rev spin;  	drag hest; 	bk, bk/lk, bk;  open imp;  	qk weave 4; 	oversway;  
  change sway, rec, fwd to Scp;  	manuv;

Part B - 
  spin & twist;; (DRW)  	bk, chasse Bjo; 
  manuv;   closed imp;   	
  overturn feather finish checking;
  bk, bk/lk, bk;   hesitation change;  
  2 LT;;  hover;   wing;  chasse/Bjo;  
  outside spin;  LF turning locks;  
  curve 3;  (DC)

Inter - 
  dbl rev spin;   chg of dir; (DC)   
  dbl rev spin;   	fwd, sd, draw; (DW)

End - 
  dbl rev spin;   chg of dir; (DC)
  REPEAT;; 2 LT;;   whisk; 
  semi chasse;   	oversway;   change;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - Inter - A B - End

ROUND DANCE CUE SHEET SERVER: http://www.round-dance.de/
Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de