What will be will be

Waltz Phase IV+1

Intro - 
  Mod Bfly/wait;;
  apt, ack;  tog, tch;(CP)  hover; 
  weave to Scp;;  chair, rec, slip;

Part A - 
  2 Vieneese turns;;  double rev spin;
  open tele;   semi chasse;
  thru to prom sway;  change of sway;
  rise, close & fwd to Scp;
  in & out runs 2x;;;;  chasse to Bjo;
  manuv;   open imp;   chair, rec, slip;

Part B - 
  closed tele;   manuv;   opem imp;
  weave 3 Bjo/RLOD;  
  rev swivel & quick wing;
  closed tele;   manuv;  
  back passing change;  feather finish;
  fwd & R lunge;  rec to CP;
  drag hest;  open imp;  slow sd lk;

Part C - 
  closed tele;  manuv;   spin turn;
  box finish;

End - 
  2 LT;; (DW)     hover tele;
  thru to prom sway & change sway;;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A B C - End

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