Watch over me foxtrot

Choreographer: Goss
Fox Phase IV+1

Intro - fcg ptr - DLW
  slow rocks 4x;;   hover;

Part A - 
  feather;  rev turn;;  3-step;
  nat'l turn 1/2;   closed impetus;
  back hover Scar;   hover X ending;
  open tele;   open nat'l;  
  dbl outside swivel;   open imp; 
  wing;   open rev trn;   left whisk;
  unwind in 4;  (DC)

Part B - 
  rev wave;;  back feather;   
  back 3-step;   open imp;
  prom. weave;;   change of dir;
  dia trn 1/2;;   outside change Scp;
  chair, rec, slip;   open tele;
  in & out runs;;   
  -------------TO END-----------
  thru, vine 2;

Part C - 1/2 OP
  step, point 4x;;   roll 3;
  slow rocks 2x;  roll 3;   slow rocks;
  vine 4;   sd, draw, cl;   step, pt 4x;; 
  roll 3;  slow rks 2x;  roll 3;   
  slow rocks;   vine 4; 

End - 
  thru to prom. sway; change sway; (43)

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - B(1-15) - End

Martin Prüfer,