Trickle Trickle

Quickstep Phase IV

Intro - 
  wait several vocal notes

Part A - OP/LOD
  step, hop 2x; 
  fwd/lk/fwd 2x;;  solo turn 6;; (out)
  (Bfly)  limp;   twirl/vine 4;; 

Part B - Scp
  2 fwd 2's;;  opn vine 4;; (Bfly)
  pretzel turn;;   unwind to PU;
  fwd 2-step;  scis to Scar & Bjo;;  
  fwd/lk/fwd 2x;;   2 turn 2's;; (Bfly)
  vine 8;; (OP)  (GO TO "A")

Part C - single swing
  slow chasse L & R;;   
  change R to L & L to R;;;
  change hands X back  -  
  change L to R;;; (wall)
  chicken walks - 4 slows;;  (to dbl hh)
  4 qk prog chasses tog;; (twds wall)
  side, tch, side;   
  change R to L & L to R;;; (Scp)
  (GO TO "B")

End - Scp
  scis thru both ways;;   
  walk & manuv;   pivot 4;; (Scp)  
  walk 2;    lunge apart     (43)

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A C B - A - End

Martin Prüfer,