Time was

Choreographer: Slater
Bolero/Rhumba Phase VI

Intro - varsu/wall - W to M's left
  sweethearts 3x;;; (W trn RF to face on last)
  spot turn LOD;

Part A - 
  open break to a cont nat'l top;;;;
  nat'l opening out lady spiral to fan;;

Part B - 
  open break to a nat'l top 3;; (wall)
  adv hip twist to fan;;
  stop & go hockey stick with lunge;;
  hockey stick to handshake;;
  alemana to double handhold -
  to a rope sipn;;;
  twirl to 3 cuddles - l
  ady spiral to a fan;;;;;
  alemana;;(last time to R side for end)

End - 
  1 cuddle;   
  wrap & hold - both side lunge R;
  (M - no change of weight - stand on L - 
  W - wrap in 3 - L,R,L)

SEQUENCE: Intro - A - A B - A B - End

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