The children

Choreographer: Barton
Waltz Phase V

Intro - 
  OPfcg wait;;  sway apt; & tog;
  fwd, (trn) sd, behind;  
  fwd, hover to face;
  ronde & slip to bk-to-bk;  roll;
  sync vine;  chair & turn to RLOD;
  thru chasse;  chair & turn to LOD;
  PU/aerial ronde;   opposition pts;
  bk hover to Scp;  weave 3;
  sync twist vine;   weave 3 to Scp;
  chasse to Bjo;   manuv;

Part A - 
  open imp;  open nat'l;   
  outside spin & pivot;; (Scp/DLC)
  flat whisk/develope;   link to Scp;
  PU lock;  rev fallaway slip;
  open tele;  hinge;   opp points;
  trans;   R lunge roll & slip;
  open tele;   ripple chasse;
  curved feather check;
  tripple chasse pivots;;  open imp;
  qk open rev;   semi chasse;
  hover to Bjo;   outside spin;
  curved feather;   trans;  
  same foot lunge;  rec to hinge line;
  back hover to Scp;   
  running open nat'l;  rising lock;
  open tele;   wing;

Part B - 
  double rev spin 2x;;  (DLC - LOD)
  fallaway ronde & chasse to LOP;;
  twirl to Bjo;   manuv;  
  hesitation change;
  contra check, hold, rec;  
  back hover to Scp;  weave to Bjo;;
  manuv;   open imp;  PU dbl lock;
  double telespin;;; 
  throwaway oversway;   link to Scp;
  double telemark ending;
  runnning nat'l telemark;
  fwd, fwd/lk, fwd;   manuv;
  spin & twist;;  back, sd, close;
  1 LT; (RLOD)   hover corte;   
  fallaway chasse;  slow whisk;
  prog wing;

End - 
  open tele;  thru & vine;   solo roll;
  sync vine;  chair, rec, turn;  
  fwd chasse;   chair, rec, turn;
  thru, fwd & hold;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A - B - End TYPED)

Martin Prüfer,