Tempa Jive

Choreographer: Macuci
Jive Phase V+2

Intro - fcg, no hnds, wait 3 beats
  sd, cl, sd, pt;  sd, cl, sd, pt;  
  2 sd closes;

Part A - 
  link to whip turn;;  
  fallaway throwaway -
  change L to R;;;  Am. spin  - 
  basic;;;   jive walks  - swivel 4  - 
  throwaway  -
  change hands X back;;;;; (RLOD)
  change L to R (COH)  -  Am. spin;;; (Bfly)

Part B - 
  windmill 2x;;; (handshake)
  underarm turn  -  turkish towel  - 
  lead your girl - spin your girl - 
  sd chasse;;;;;   chasse roll  -  
  rk & roll 1 triple;;; (face)
  change R to L (hndshake) - 
  rolling off the arm - 	basic;;;;;

Part C - 
  jive walks  -  swivel 4  -
  triple manuv/double whip turn
  fallaway throwaway (overturn)
  girls turn back & freeze
  chicken walks - chicken walks -
  chicken walks;;;;;;;;;;

End - Scp/RLOD
  rk bk, rec, pt, freeze;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B C - A B - B - End

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