Shadow of my mind

Rhumba Phase VI

Intro - shadow/wall - both RF free & XIB
  arms 	down in front of body - wait;;  
  step back/raise arms
  lady out to RHshake - M trans in 2;

Part A - 
  open hip twist to a fan;;  
  alemana;; (R sd - dhh)
  adv. hip twist;  
  W swivel to rope spin;;; (ld hnds)
  M lunge - W sit line & spiral;
  M back walks - W aida;
  sync rocks to face & pt RLOD;
  spot turn;    NYer to 1/2 OP;  fwd 3;
  pivot 4/ronde to lunge line;;

Part B - 
  W lower & rise;  
  W sync roll to 1/2 OP; (-,R/L,R,-)
  fwd 2;   spot turn; 	1/2 basic to loose curl;
  W circular walk;  
  press line - W spiral end;
  hockey stick;  1/2 basic to nat'l top 3;;  
  3 opening outs to a fan;;;;
  hockey stick/M spirals;;

End - 
  hockey stick prep;   fwd to shadow line;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B (1-14) - End

Martin Prüfer,