Rainbow foxtrot

Choreographer: Blackford
Fox/Jive Phase IV+2

Intro - CP/LOD
  sd, draw, tch - both ways;;

Part A - 
  3-step;  1/2 nat turn;  closed imp;  
  feather finish;  top spin;   fishtail;  
  open telemark;  
  chair, rec, slip;  (to face WALL
  before "C")

Part B - 
  2 dia turns;;   
  qk dia turn in 4;  (LOD)
  dip back, rec;   
  REPEAT;;;;  (go to "A")

Part C - 
  side, tch, side chasse;  
  change R to L & L to R;;;
  Sp. arms - 2x;;; (wall)
  rk, rec, walk 2; (2nd X: walk & PU)
  REPEAT;;;;;;;; to PU  (go to "B")

End - 
  2 dia turns;;   qk dia turn in 4;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A - A B - A C - B A - End

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Martin Prüfer, Martin.Pruefer@ECTA.de