Quick and easy

Choreographer: Jabour
Quickstep Phase III

Intro - OPfcg/DLW
  apt, ack; PU & tch;

Part A - 
  walk & face;  chasse 3;  (Scp)
  (thru) chasse to Bjo  - fwd;;    
  step hop 2x;     fwd/lk, fwd;  
  manuv, sd, cl;  pivot 1/2;

Part B - 
  walk 2;    2 L turns;;   
  walk to Bjo & check;   	whaletail;;    
  step, hop, face, hop;    
  side, draw, close;
  slow hover in 4;;   2 sd closes;  
  walk & PU;  2 L turns;; 
  ------------- (2nd time go to end)
  walk to Bjo & check;

End - 
  twirl 2;  apt, ack;

SEQUENCE: Intro - A B - A B(1-14) - End

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